Bachelor and Master Theses


We regularly offer various topics for Bachelor and Master thesis projects.


Please contact the professors directly if you are interested in thesis work within our institute.

Prof. Schoeller
Topics for Bachelor Theses 2022:

  1. Second-order Topology and Corner States

Prof. Meden
Topics for Bachelor Theses 2023:

  1. Zeitabhängige, nicht-hermitesche Matrix-Hamiltonoperatoren
  2. Nicht-hermitesche Quantenvielteilchenphysik in einer Dimension

Prof. Kennes
Topics for Bachelor Theses 2023:

  1. Theoretical description of time-dependent orbital and lattice excitations
  2. Unconventional Superconductivity in Bilayer-Graphene
  3. Nonsymmorphic Superconductivity

PD Dr. Pletyuklhov
Topics for Bachelor Theses 2023:

  1. Boundary Green’s function approach to scattering models