Bachelor and Master Theses


We regularly offer various topics for Bachelor and Master thesis projects.


Please directly contact the professors in case you are interested in thesis work within our institute.

Prof. Schoeller
Topics for Bachelor Theses 2021:

  1. Jackiw-Rebbi models: Low energy theory of gapped systems
  2. Transport through quantum dots coupled to topological leads

Prof. Meden
Topics for Bachelor Theses 2021:

  1. “Quantum quenches” in eindimensionalen korrelierten Elektronensystemen
  2. Eindimensionale korrelierte Elektronen mit ausgedehnten Verunreinigungen
  3. Transport in Quantendrähten mit inhomogener Zweiteilchenwechselwirkung

Prof. Kennes
Topics for Bachelor Theses:

  1. Functional renormalization group approach to Fermions coupled to a quantum oscillator
  2. Ultrafast quantum many-body locking of coupled spin chains
  3. Transport through time-crystals
  4. Floquet mean-field theory of one-dimensional quantum wires
  5. Synchronization of few quantum oscillator systems by external drive

Prof. Wegewijs

PD Dr. Pletyuklhov
Topics for Master Theses 2021:

  1. Impurity localised charges in one dimensional insulators